In 1991, Mr Francisco Martín Fernández, with over 20 years of experience in packaging and shipping on this backs, founded EMBALAJES MADRID

For more than two decades, EMBALAJES MADRID dedicated to the packaging services of artworks and antiques, being a pioneer in this field in the area of Madrid.

Result of those 20 years of experience and learning, named MADRID ART GESTIÓN DE ARTE, S.L. A company that was born with desire to innovate and the illusion of providing customers all services related to managing artworks.

MADRID ART GESTIÓN DE ARTE combines being a family business, giving a personalized service to each client, with the innovation and implementation of new technologies at the service of art.

Our Vision

Our vision:

√ To supply you with sustainable, high quality and affordable products.

√ To be more than just a business. We have a 'triple line action' giving environmental, social and economic concerns equal consideration. We believe this is fundamental to our success.

√ To be passionate about looking after you - our customers. We aim to provide excellent, flexible and personal customer service. We want to build long lasting relationships.

THIS IS HOW WE WORK #welovewhatwedo #isnotajobisapassion

They trust in us